Dimitri started taking photos at the age of 14, being gifted his grand-father‘s  Russian camera “Smena”. After he had graduated from the Moscow State University as a chemist, Dimitri continued photography at his free time. He was never a fond of social photography, rather preferring  sense of majestic isolation while taking images of Nature. Hiking in immense Russia had only firmed his passion for landscape photography. While the author’s artistic vision and technical skills ameliorate, being polished by years of thinking, reading and the actual practice, so did his equipment. After his move to Switzerland since already 15 years, images of Swiss and French Alps have become the main subject, while black-and-white large format sheet film has gradually become the main medium.

The author’s statement is a passion for strong and emotional images as well as deep respect to artistic heritage of the past landscape painters. Their artistic ideas and principles guide him to master the perfect composition while studying game of light and shadows, flow of forms and negative volumes, interplay of lines and rhythms, counterpoint of the order to chaos.

Dimitri spends a lot of time in his secret garden – the dark room, set up according the classical recipes and notes of the best practice by Ancel Adams and many others. The own photo lab allows him to work with negatives and prints till the desired result, as well as remain independent.

Dimitri is a member of Russian Union of photo artists.