Fine Art Prints


Number of copies

Limited editions of fine art prints are available on demand. Unless otherwise stated, all fine-art tirages are made of maximum 20 + 2 author's copies from a single negative. Prints are hand-signed on reverse side with a notion of the negative number and the current copy


All prints are hand-made in dark room using the traditional optical technique. I use Durst 138 enlarger to expose resin-coated variable-contrast pearl-finished paper (Adox or Ilford). I do not crop more than 10% of negative's area. Because of limited amounts of dodging and burning applied while printing some negatives, slight variations are inevitable, but I really work hard to make my prints looking the same as they are presented on this web site viewed via a calibrated display

Sizes, finishing and prices

Two sizes are available: 50x63cm (size 1) and 60x75cm (size 2). For the moment, only unmounted prints are available for sale via Ebay. The base price for size 1 is 400CHF, for size 2 500CHF, while the actual price goes up 10% with each copy sold. High-quality finished works are sold only via expositions, please see News